Sales & Distribution

Affordable in-cloud sales software solutions bring enhanced collaboration and efficiency for your team

Give your sales team the tools they need and focus your business resources on specific sales targets with access to real-time, intuitive analytics data that encourages collaborative decision-making at every stage of the selling process.

A completely new approach to customer engagement

Improve your bottom line and meet an industry demand, exceeding sales targets by sharing best practices and resource planning. SAP sales software within the cloud, powered by our superfast in-memory platform, brings a completely new approach to customer engagement and gives your team the opportunity to maximise CRM.

Flexible, scalable and affordable innovations

Drive your business into the future and join more than 253,000 users of SAP solutions in businesses like yours across the globe. Sales software solutions from Business on Demand bring flexible, scalable and affordable innovations to your business – large or small.

Contact us today to find out how SAP sales software can boost your sales team performance and take you to another level.