Data Integration

Leading the way with award-winning SAP implementations

Business on Demand data integration specialists help companies and organisations around the world to streamline operations and bring the core focus back to the business model via the latest technology-driven, integrated business management solutions.

With award-winning traditional customer service values, and unmatched industry expertise, Business on Demand get to the heart of your business challenges, and lead you to the next generation of SAP solutions, implemented to your timescales and exact requirements.

How can data integration drive your business?

Even small companies generate inordinate amounts of data, often from disparate sources. Making sense of the data is just one issue to be overcome by the modern business, and collating the data into a useable format that can be accessed by those that need it is another.

What difference would it make to your business if all company data was collected, translated and integrated to the point that it not only becomes useable, but also accessible in real time in the cloud?

Why choose Business on Demand?

Business on Demand understands that data integration is the key to driving business forward in the modern digital marketplace, and is uniquely positioned in the industry to deliver the SAP solutions that tick every box in individually-tailored, customer specific implementations.

As global businesses strive to compete in an increasingly pressurised environment, SAP data integration solutions from BoD keep you firmly ahead of the competition; driving productivity through innovative use of the latest digital transformation technology.

The BoD approach is unique, with a focus on delivering scalable, flexible SAP business management solutions that significantly impact both day-to-day operations and the long-term view of the individual business model.

Data integration specialists working on a global scale

BoD data integration solutions work on a truly global scale, and our industry experience includes implementations in 23 countries:

  • Multi-entity implementations
  • Multi-fiscal corporations
  • Multi-currency operations
  • Large scale implementation without the large scale infrastructure
  • Multi-lingual companies
  • Multi-country organisations

Trust Business on Demand, award-winning data integration specialists, to deliver tomorrow’s solutions today. Contact us now on (0044) (0) 208 819 1501 for a no-obligation chat to find out more.