Business ByDesign for Subsidiaries & Divisions of Larger Corporations

Scalable business to business software, fully integrated and connected – without additional licensing costs

SAP business to business software for subsidiaries or divisions of large companies is implemented in a two-tier ERP strategy.

End-to-end business process management

Business on Demand can tailor end-to-end business process management within ‘big company’ software, with connectors ready for the larger system with no extra licensing costs involved.

Manage all your analytical, planning and transactional requirements

Drive your business in real-time within a single in-memory platform that can deliver a comprehensive, unified system for all your analytical, planning and transactional requirements across the entire company.

Effectively manage costs with the purchase of licences for your users for one innovative product, with access to all other applications and products at no extra cost.

Contact us today and let us show you how to drive your business into tomorrow with advanced business to business software.